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At the end of each day, winding down is supposed to feel good. But it’s not easy if you struggle with anxiety. You might find yourself laying in bed at night feeling consumed by worry and wondering: Why does my anxiety get worse at night? How do I stop night time anxiety?

It’s everyone’s favorite pastime: sleep! Sleep lets your body and brain recover from everyday stresses. Studies show that a solid night’s sleep helps you perform better in your daily tasks, keep clear-headed in making decisions, and can even help fight depression.

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month! Cervical health is commonly overlooked or forgotten about, but over 14,000 humans with cervixes are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year in the United States.

Our cross-platform content strategies have been foundational to the organic growth of the I Heart Guts brand. Last year, social media—the cumulation of all social platforms—ranked in the top 3 web traffic drivers, and email marketing in the top 5.

Consistent blogging and SEO strategies resulted in 71,900 unique page views for the year. We grew our engagement rate per impression +21.2% year over year, and increased video views by +125.5% for 860,000 total views. Brand awareness generated across these organic channels likely accounted for a significant chunk of our organic and direct search. A holistic content plan keeps our brand top of mind while strengthening our unique community of Guts lovers, chronic illness warriors, healthcare practitioners, organ donors, and so many others.

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Through holistic brand understanding, we create consistently high-engaging content that gets more exposure


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More eyes on the page leads to increased brand awareness and expanded online community


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Making an impact on audiences means nurturing our current followers and capturing the attention of new ones

Rebecca is winning hearts and eyeballs on the I Heart Guts social sphere, sprinkling our plushie organ silliness across multiple social platforms, blog, and newsletter. We serve up silliness and sympathy in equal measure, and Rebecca and her team do an outstanding job of telling a poop joke one minute and consoling a newly diagnosed diabetic the next, all in our distinctive brand voice.

— Wendy Bryan Lazar

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